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Wendell Schlumberger

Operations Support - Properties & Finance

Wendell serves on the EMCC National Team by providing guidance to EMCC and member churches related to investments, accounting, insurance, property management, real estate, legal, compliance, and policy development. Wendell enjoys helping others attain their goals by sharing his financial knowledge and experience in service to them. He especially likes to provide strong financial stewardship and then witness its transformation into opportunities for achieving God’s mission.

He previously held the position of Finance Manager with EMCC from 2014 to 2015 and has been a volunteer member of EMCC’s Investment Committee since then. Prior to re-joining the EMCC National Team at the start of 2021, he worked for 25 years in the financial services (investments) industry for a faith-based organization in Waterloo.

Wendell is a native of Toronto and moved to Waterloo with his wife Jane in 1989 to raise a family. They are blessed with three daughters who have careers dedicated to helping others. Together they enjoy experiencing nature in all its God-created magnificence at the family cottage in Eastern Ontario.


Wendell Schlumberger

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