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Randall Rehkopf

Director of Operations

Randall serves the National Team as Director of Operations (effective November 1, 2016). In this capacity, he gives oversight to Finance, Pension and Benefits, Human Resources, Policy and Facilities.

Randall has served as a pastor in various EMCC churches in Ontario and BC and also as an Adjunct Instructor at Emmanuel Bible College. He is an avid sports enthusiast and gifted musician. He and his wife, Terrina, have two children and make their home in Plattsville, ON.

Randall is also involved with EMCC as an interim pastor, helping local churches in the transition to new pastoral leadership.

Randall Rehkopf
Tel: 519.894.9800 ext. 240
Toll Free: 877.375.7600 ext. 240
Fax: 519.894.0941

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