Pension and Benefits

EMCC's Pension and Benefits program is available to all staff (pastors, admin) in EMCC full-member churches.

With an EMCC Benefits and Group Retirement Plan, you'll have the convenience and cost savings of a group plan, combined with the ability to tailor your investment portfolio to meet your individual needs.  

For more information, please contact our Benefit Administrator, Pauline Zondervan.

Group Retirement Plan

The EMCC Group Retirement Plan includes a Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP) and a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP).

  • Access to leading investment managers. The funds in your group plan are managed by some of Canada's leading investment managers, and you receive the benefit of their skill and expertise.
  • Lower investment management fees. Sun Life Financial and EMCC use their bargaining power to negotiate lower fund management fees than you would pay as an individual investor - which translates into higher returns for you.

Group Insurance Plan

The EMCC National Benefit Plan overview:

   Class A - Pastors
  • A permanent employee, actively working at least 30 hours per week becomes eligible for benefits on the date of hire
   Class B - All Other Employees
  • A permanent employee, actively working at least 30 hours per week becomes eligible for benefits after serving a 3 month waiting period
An enrollment application must be completed and submitted within 31 days of becoming eligible. If the 31 day deadline is missed, the application is deemed late. The employee and/or any eligible dependents will be required to provide 'Evidence of Insurability'.

Equalization of Benefits for All
  • Seamless transfer/transition for pastors in EMCC churches
  • Same benefits for pastors in small/rural churches as those in larger/urban churches who typically have better benefit packages
  • Unity of support and service for pastors and support staff in EMCC churches
  • 'Best in class' benefits that keeps and draws pastors/support staff to EMCC churches

Self Insured Health and Dental Plan

  • Freedom to adjust the plan to meet the changing needs of plan members.
  • Sufficient capital reserves to support a national plan
  • Minimal administrative costs for operating and administrating benefits plan
  • Reinvestment of Plan 'profits' into improved benefits or reduced cost of benefits (No increase in premiums for 2003 - 2007 with annual improvements in benefits)
  • Good stewardship of resources and development of financial integrity as result of shared contributions