Stewardship Services

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EMCC is served well by Gift Planning Consultants through Abundance Canada. They provide a range of services including:

  • Consultation for congregations and individuals
  • Printed resources to help individuals and congregations with financial management
  • Enabling people to get financially healthy
  • Assisting congregations through loans and grants.
Visit their web site or contact one of their consultants.

Pave the way for others to follow Jesus on mission

There are numerous ways for you to make a tangible difference for the Kingdom through your financial investment depending on what you are passionate about or how God is prompting you.

Make an Investment in Leaders
  • Student Bursaries: Assisting students preparing for Christian Service
  • Ministry Training Funds: Providing continuing education for Pastors
  • World Partners Missionary Support
  • Short Term Missions Support
Make an Investment in Ministry
  • Relief & Development Projects
  • World Partners Mission Field Projects
  • Church Development
  • Youth Ministry
  • Loan Funds
  • Colleges
  • Camps
Download our Investment Brochure for an overview of these investment opportunities.

Contact your nearest Abundance Canada Consultant or our National Office to learn more about how to contribute in any of these areas.