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Andrew Epp

Board Treasurer

While Andrew loves to innovate and work hard, the most important thing in his life, besides Jesus, is his family. He has been married to Genevieve for 17 years. They live in St. Catharines, ON with their three children, Olivia (14), Alexander (12), and Hudson (9).

Andrew is a Pastor/Entrepreneur and has initiated a number of his own businesses. Notably, he founded Church Bookkeeping, which is the largest outsourcing firm servicing churches and not-for-profit organizations in Canada. He also started a construction business, landscaping business, software company, day camp, and most recently and proudly, a jewelry business with his daughter.

Andrew has also been a leader in the provincial government and spent five years working as the Director of Operations for the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada (EMCC) from 2008-2012. During his time in these roles, he has been known to communicate financial results in a way that people understand, but is also sprinkled with humour!

In 2019, Andrew joined the staff of Bethany Community Church (St, Catharines, ON) in the role of Executive Pastor. Since 1999, Andrew has been pastoring in some capacity, ranging from a Youth Pastor, Family Pastor, and Community Pastor. His pastoral passion is to see neighbourhoods transformed by Jesus.

Andrew learned how to work hard, and play even harder, during his childhood and teen years in North Bay, ON, living on a dairy farm with his parents and siblings. If he isn’t working, then he is either eating ice cream, donuts or candy, fishing for sharks, or pranking someone!

Andrew Epp

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