Becoming a Credentialed Minister with the EMCC

The word credential is drawn from the same root as 'credibility.'

Credentials are a statement of confidence in the individuals who bear these credentials. The issuing of ministry credentials is one of the important responsibilities entrusted to the National Church. A credentialed minister has been affirmed and approved in their calling, gifting and leadership to serve with the EMCC.

EMCC issues three types of ministry credentials.

  1. Provisional License (PL)- allows gifted leaders who do not have the requisite educational training, experience, or other criteria, to be recognized with a credential while working on the necessary provisions to obtain an LM credential
  2. Licensed Minister Credential (LM) - requires the equivalency of a B.TH preparation in Bible and Theology.
  3. Ordained Minister Credential (OM) - granted to licensed ministers who have developed a proven track record of leadership, integrity and doctrinal soundness, and who, after at least 2 years of proven service, are put forward for Ordination by their congregation.

Recognition of Previous Ordination (ROPO) - Recognition occurs in cases where an individual holds credentials from another denomination and the EMCC has no bi-lateral agreement. That recognition may happen when it is judged that the previous credential is sufficiently equivalent to EMCC ordination. Where the preparation for ordination differs substantially, a minister from another denomination will apply for license.

Interested in obtaining credentials with EMCC?

Here is a general overview of the process:

  1. Contact Regional Minister (RM) to begin process
  2. Phase 1 Application
    • ALL those seeking credentials with the EMCC will start with Phase 1 (except for those who currently hold LM credentials with the EMCC and are applying to obtain OM status).
  3. Interview with RM or Representative
  4. Phase 2 Application (either LM, or ROPO track selected by RM)
  5. Interview with Credential Interview Team
  6. Recommendation to the President

We have a number of Credential Interview Teams (CITs) who serve across the country, allowing for a quality Interview experience closer to our applicants and congregations.

Credentialing Resources: