Becoming a licensed or ordained minister with EMCC

The word credential is drawn from the same root as 'credibility.'

Credentials are a statement of confidence in the individuals who bear these credentials. The issuing of ministry credentials is one of the important things entrusted to the National Church. EMCC issues three levels of ministry credentialing:
  1. Licensed Minister Credential - requires the equivalency of  a B.TH preparation in Bible and Theology
  2. Certified Minister Credential- allows good people who do not have the requisite educational training to be recognized with a credential
  3. Ordained Minister Credential - granted to licensed ministers who have developed a proven track record of leadership, integrity and doctrinal soundness, and who, after at least 2 years of proven service, are put forward for Ordination by their congregation

We have a number of Credential Interview Teams (CITs) who serve across the country, allowing for a quality Interview experience closer to our applicants and congregations.

If you are interested in obtaining credentials with EMCC, select the appropriate file from the menu on the right to learn what your next steps are.