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Lynn Dietz

Regional Minister

Lynn serves on the National Team as a Regional Minister in the four western provinces of Canada. Before becoming an RM in 2006, Lynn’s pastoral ministry in local churches included roles as a solo pastor, church planting pastor, associate pastor and lead pastor, spanning over 22 years. As a Regional Minister in the EMCC, Lynn carries a strong passing for coaching, mentoring, communicating the Word of God, and developing disciple-making leaders. Lynn also enjoys working with pastors, church leaders and leadership teams to help them move their ministries forward towards Kingdom purposes in their neighbourhoods and communities. Helping form our lives and ministry on Jesus’ life and example is at the heart of who Lynn is. He and his wife Debbie live in Didsbury Alberta, have three married children and six grandchildren. He also enjoys riding horses, camping, and playing sports.

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Regional Minister Lynn Dietz

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