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Marty Bennett

Regional Minister

Marty is a part-time RM with EMCC and serves our Okanagan Churches in BC’s interior.  He is a part of the Next Gen Team and serves as the Connection Pastor at Cross Connection Church in Chilliwack, BC, where he lives with his wife, Krista and two boys, Tucker and Riley.

Marty began his journey with the EMCC in 2000, serving as a Youth Director in Beaumont, AB.  He moved to BC in 2005  and became a Youth and Young Adult pastor at Hillside for ten years before becoming the Director of Discipleship at Charis Camp until 2020. 

Marty loves the EMCC family and the reality of being adopted into God’s family.  He believes that one of the most significant training grounds for Pastors and Leaders is in their own home, under their own roof, with their own family.  He longs to see the Church operate more like a family on mission together.  His heart is for Pastors to be aware of how they speak into, lead, and love their own families and to continue to fight for a healthy home, while transferring all they learn at home to how they lead the local family of God that has been entrusted to them by the Good Shepherd. 

Marty grew up playing hockey in Alberta and now enjoys supporting his boys in their sports and playing Pickleball with his wife. He loves a good book, a comfy chair, and a good laugh and is learning to cook. 

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Regional Minister Marty Bennett

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