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Krista Bennett

Resource Manager


Krista serves on the National Team managing some of the resources that have been created to connect, equip and resource our leaders. These include our in-house Enrich Resource Centre (emccenrich.ca), our EMCC Connected platform (emcc.ca/connected), and resource content on the EMCC website. She also serves as a liaison to assigned volunteer teams. Krista has served within our denomination as Youth Director, a member of the National Board, local Church ministry and Camp Ministry since 2000 and has a Bachelors Degree in Christian Studies. She lives in Chilliwack, BC with her husband, Marty and her two boys, Tucker and Riley. They joyfully serve together at Cross Connection Church. 

Krista loves good coffee, meaningful conversations around growth, and hiking in nature. She longs to see leaders flourish in their relationship with Jesus, with themselves, and others. She is passionate about leaders living authentic, relevant lives as they listen to, trust, and obey Jesus. She starts with herself, lives by example, and really does want to change the world one life, one story at a time!


Krista Bennett

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