Newly Credentialed Ministers

  • Dec8Thu

    Shari Scott, Licensed Minister

    December 8, 2022 by Jean Winker

    Shari Scott, approved for Licensed Minister June 10, 2022

    “I desire to walk in what the Lord has for me to do. Much of this involves walking with people in grief. Caring for people is my DNA. I am also passionate about helping people discover who they are and what that means for them.”

    Shari lives in Airdrie, Alberta, with her husband Jim and has two grown sons. Jim leads the technical ministry at Airdrie Campus, and Shari splits her attendance between Airdrie and Centre Street Church in Calgary, where Shari coordinates funerals and oversees Grief Care. Having lost a spouse at 32, she understands grief’s all-encompassing nature. She helps others work through their pain in the community; people learn from one another in groups and form supportive friendships.

    From five years old, Shari knew she’d be a teacher, but when her first husband died thirty years ago, she did not think to return to school. “I thought I’d missed the boat and lost my chance for my calling.” God has redeemed all that. In 2013 at CSC, she began teaching some classes and in 2016 returned to school at Alberta Bible College, graduating in May 2022 with a Diploma in Leadership & Ministry.

    Looking ahead, Shari intends to take more classes. She hopes to lead retreats and conferences in keeping with her twin passionshelping the grieving find their way and helping people discover who they are and thrive. “I am open to what the Lord has for me. A teacher is who I am, at my core. I pray, ‘Lord, get me out of the way and let people see you.’ I want the world to know the Jesus I know.”