International Development Week

Along with Canadians, we at EMCC count it all joy that we get to live as salt, light and leaven in our own culture, and participate with the Global Church everywhere in demonstrating the good news of Jesus that is bringing hope and transformation.

In prep for all of our engagement in IDW2021, we share these insights, stories and prayer points about followers of Jesus who are sharing God’s blessings. You can find your voice, and be...


The Narrative

Our 2021 Campaign, February 1-5, 2021.

Part 1 - Following the Global Church's Example in Living the Good News

Part 2 - Taking Steps On Multiple Fronts for a thriving Community

Part 3 - Facilitating People to Discover Their Own Potential

Part 4 - SARA finds the Lord opening new doors through Development Initiatives

Part 5 - IDW2021 Recap and Next Steps


Workers + Partners

Find Global Mission Workers and Partners from EMCC's Global Network, listed by country.

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Demonstrating the Good News

Development happens when a community mobilizes their resources to meet their needs, as defined by them. A community decides what must be done. Then, as they recognize the resources they already have, and as they see that God equips them to solve their own problems, the attitude of the community turns to hope [7 Resources Brochure, 2019].

You can support this kind of development.

Current Initiatives


Celebrating God's All Sufficiency

Did you know that God has given resources to everyone? That's how we give and receive together.
7 Resources Available To All


Previous stories and Development Campaigns.

Walking Beside Others - an Inundo Development Story with Dan and Kerry Wiens,
from our Global Workers Week Campaign, 2020.

Community Development in Haiti and Ethiopia, from our International Development Week Campaign, 2020.

Our Posture of Participation With the Global Church, from IDW2020