EMCC Connected

Purpose of EMCC Connected

To provide online spaces for mutual learning, meaningful connection, dialogue and exchange of ideas across the EMCC family.

Criteria for EMCC Connected Events

  1. To provide connection among the EMCC Family
  2. Available to participants across the EMCC Family
  3. Facilitators are EMCC Navigation Team Approved
  4. Topics are EMCC Navigation Team Approved
  5. Consider integration of ministries across the EMCC
  6. EMCC Connected is intended to be broader than regional events
  7. Adhere to the articles of faith and reflect attitudes, behaviour and character of Jesus.
  8. The application is at least 30 days in advance of the event
If you would like to host an EMCC Connected event, please click here to access the event application form.

Upcoming Events

Please note, The views and opinions expressed by the facilitators and participants on EC do not necessarily reflect the official position of the EMCC.

Family Chats

EMCC Family Chats are hosted by the Interim President for the purpose of creating space and opportunity for information sharing and dialogue together, particularly to prepare us for our online General Assembly on April 30, 2021. 

These events are open to all pastors, church leaders, global workers, and anyone else interested. 

  • EMCC Family Chat: Integration and Reorganization
  • EMCC Family Chat: Governance and Theology
  • EMCC Family Chat: Preparation for General Assembly

Topics will include, Preliminary conversation/discussion on items/matters that will be on the Assembly agenda.

Why We Can't Go it Alone: A transferable mentorship model review and discussion
Pastor Sam Barry will present several transferable values and structures of mentorship that can be applied to any given ministry context. Through this event, attendees will be able to hear about his doctoral research findings and have a discussion on how the highlighted traits could be applied to their local ministry context with the goal of developing leaders through mentorship.

Confidently Walking in the Spirit with Enrich Facilitator Valerie Hopman
A timely 90-minute conversation for leaders in an uncertain time. Topics will address Biblical clarity, discernment and practical tools for walking in the Spirit in everyday life as leaders. Valerie will share stories about being led by the Spirit in conversations that have resulted in freedom in people's lives. She will talk about how there can be unity among diversity in the Church, encounters with God and confidence in hearing and obeying His voice.

Breakout rooms will be used to talk about how we are personally walking in the Spirit and to practice hearing God’s voice together.

Prayer Summit
Join members of the EMCC National Team for a time of prayer.

Past Events

Please note, The views and opinions expressed by the facilitators and participants on EC do not necessarily reflect the official position of the EMCC.

February 25, 2021   Reimagine Church: A Family of Families with Amos Shelley
  • YouTube Replay to come

February 23, 2021   EMCC Family Chat: Governance and Theology
  • YouTube replay to come

February 12, 2021   Conversation on Human Sexuality with the SALT Team

February 5, 2021   EMCC Connected Across the Globe: International Development Week 2021

January 26, 2021   EMCC Family Chat: Integration and Reorganization

January 17, 2021   Next Gen Check In

November 20 2020  EMCC Connected Across The Globe - with some of our Global Workers

November 6, 2020   EMCC Connected - "Leading In the Spirit", with Rob Gulliver

August 27, 2020  EMCC Connected Across the Globe

July 10, 2020  National Prayer Summit

June 26, 2020   National Team Connection