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    What is the Way of Jesus?

    May 16, 2016
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    What is the Way of Jesus?

    The Way of Jesus is a pathway to follow as you journey with Jesus. There are markers. The Seven Sayings are those markers. Over time those who follow The Way of Jesus pathway are experiencing joy and fulfillment in their journey with Jesus.

    The Way of Jesus is a platform (a matrix) that provides guidance for the life of a follower of Jesus. A follower of Jesus is a disciple (a student, an apprentice) of Jesus. The Way of Jesus platform also provides the guidance you need to disciple someone else.
    This is about being a joyful, difference-making follower of Jesus in the World.

    The Way of Jesus is not the only approach but there are some very carefully considered elements that are proving very helpful to those who take the time and make the investment to embrace the Way of Jesus pathway.

    Pastor Phil

    The Seven Signposts (Markers)

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