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The Way of Jesus: Daily Rhythms

There are certain daily practices that will help you in your journey with Jesus. These complement the seven elements of following Jesus.

1. Internalize the Seven Elements

Pray through them. Internalize them as well as the Anchors
Listen - Trust - Obey (LTO)

2. Read His Word

Ask "What are you teaching me, Jesus?" LTO

3. Practice His Presence

Become more aware of depending on the Spirit of Jesus leading you. Have an ongoing conversation with the Lord. LTO

4. Pray through the Lord's Prayer

Ask "Jesus, what are you saying to me?" LTO
The Lord's Prayer is the Way of Jesus
Our Father – reaffirm your life as a child of God: I am ‘His Beloved’! ‘We are His Beloved’!
Your name is holy – reaffirm His worthiness and your respect for Him: Humility
Your kingdom come – reaffirm His rule in your life: Direction
Your will be done – reaffirm your servant posture and make a difference: Service
Give us this day – express your thanks and receive everything as His provision for
                           you today. Why should I worry? Assurance
Forgive us – Whom or what do I resent? Is there bitterness, anger, fear?
                   Confess anything that isn’t like Jesus in attitude, behaviour or character.
                – Pray a blessing on others: Freedom
Deliver us – What is really testing me? Am I tempted to not be like Jesus?: Power

5. Bless someone today

Bless someone who is NOT YET following Jesus. Blessing is an action word. Practice connecting your life of blessing to your journey with Jesus. LTO

6. Invite

Ask the Spirit for the chance to share with someone, ‘I am learning to be like Jesus and there is nothing that gives me more joy.’ LTO – invite them to journey with you.

7. Help your disciple

Pray for (meet with, phone) the person that you are helping on their journey with Jesus. Who are you helping? LTO

    Be helped and accountable

Pray for (meet with or phone) the person who is helping you. Who is helping you? Always Listen, trust and obey (LTO).

Listen Trust Obey (LTO)

We LISTEN in order to HEAR God’s word.
We TRUST in order to DECIDE in favour of God’s will.
We OBEY in order to ACT according to His way.