Volunteer Team Update

EMCC Shifting from Providing Opportunities to Resourcing

After our in-process EMCC V-Teams are completed, EMCC will no longer be facilitating V-Teams for our constituency. We are making change to this area of our National ministry, while maintaining a commitment to help our congregations function effectively as "communities on mission to the world."

Thank you to previous V-Team Member

EMCC V-Teams have provided opportunities to our EMCC family of churches to serve in cross-cultural and/or international settings, blessing others in the name of Jesus. Thank you to all who've invested and shared their life with Jesus with people around the world. We are grateful for the difference and "fruit in every good work" (Colossians 1:10) made in construction and repair, medical care, teaching, community development and the like.

Current Teams

A current list of V-Teams preparing for service and raising support can be found here

Coming Soon

As part of our transitional season, we are preparing new resources to thoroughly prepare for Short-term Trips (7-21 days) as "communities on mission to the world." If you, as part of the EMCC family, are desiring to operate your own trip to a particular area of the world where there is a relational connection being established, we want to help you to be aware of your responsibilities, duties, and best practice.

If you are interested in coordinating a Short-term Trip for your EMCC congregation / Community on Mission, you may request an update for when our resources will be available. Please contact Pam Hicks.