Watch Parties

Host a Watch Party

If you are unable to attend Regional Gathering in person, we encourage you to participate by gathering together in "watch parties" with other pastors in your area or with your church staff and volunteer teams. 

If you choose to host a watch party and are open to inviting others in your area to join, please contact us at with your watch party location and the email address for people to contact you. We will then add your group to this page for others to join.


Find a Watch Party in your area

If you are interested in finding a group to join in your area, please see below to view a list of watch parties that have formed. This page is updated regularly as new groups are added. 

*Please note, individual or church group registration is still required if you or your church group are planning to join a watch party. Watch Party hosts may require registration for their specific location to ensure they have space for all attendees. Watch Party hosts may also ask for a small donation to cover costs such as food.