Recognized Missionaries

Recognized Missionary Collage

Partnering Together in Healthy Global Mission Engagement

The EMCC recognizes missionaries (workers) who are members of an EMCC church community who are clearly gifted and ready for service cross-culturally and globally, and who meet the qualifications laid out in the EMCC Articles of Governance, Missionary Recognition "A recognized missionary (ministry worker) is a person who is serving with a recognized mission agency or organization and who is not supervised by EMCC".

Our Current EMCC Recognized Missionaries

Azarms Canada / Middle East OMC
Bible, Abe & Diane Ukraine / Russia CBLT - MEA
Brown, Raney Italy CW
Burgess, Ann Canada/Thailand OMF 
Chaimiti (nee Hill), Lucy (Tafadzwa) Canada AH
Dettweiler, Steve & Sonia Nigeria  WBT
dos Santos, Susan Canada PTC
Elliot, Keith & Ruth Anne
(EMCC Ordained Minister)
Canada CG
Erion, Robert & Ruth
(EMCC Ordained Minister)
Canada   OMF
Fjeldstorm, Larry & Sharon Canada WBT
Friesen, Derryl & Karen Thailand WBT
Fuller, Sarah  USA LACW
Gamble, Eldon & Ruth  Canada Christar
Gibbins, Matthew & Rachel Canada EFC-GMR
Hilson, Daniel & Christy
(EMCC Ordained Minister)
Canada MGF
Howling, Mark (Liyiens) Malaysia YWAM
Huff, Beverly USA/Carribean CEF
Humphreys, Shaun & Melanie Paraguay NTM
Hunter, Dale & Ruth USA OMS
Losch, Dale & Jerusha
(EMCC Licensed Minister)
Canada CW
Kariuki, Alex & Rachel Madagascar CEN
Markeli, Helmut & Christina Canada OMS
Mayer, Oliver & Deborah Thailand OMF
McLean, Morris & Mary
(EMCC Licensed Minister)
Guatamala GOM
Mierau, Peter Canada CEF
Mohr, Walter & Melita
(EMCC Ordained Minister)
Canada/South Asia WEC
Morris, Karen Spain WEC
Morris, Pamela  Burkina Faso WBT
Neufeld, Greg & Shelli Mexico EFCM
Peacock, Wes & Katie Ghana WBT
Platz, Ben & Christa Canada SIM
Pridham, Cheryl Nigeria SIM
Pridham, Donna  Nigeria SIM
Reaume, John & Wendy Canada/Nigeria PTC
Ritchie, Peter & Areni Angola SIM
Rodges, David & Debra Papua New Guinea NTM
Royer, Kent & Brenda Canada WBT
Sawatzky, Rodd & Leslie Canada PTC
Schmitt, Marilyn Canada/Burkina Faso WBT
Serhal, Nadeem & Bernice
(EMCC Ordained Minister)
Canada PC
Sherman, Jerry & Carol Canada ECC
Sloss, David
(EMCC Licensed Minister)
Canada  BIM
Snyder, Mr. & Mrs. Dan Hungary GEM
Somer, Ruth Canada GRN
Talbot, Chuck & Shannon Philippines NTM
Taylor, Colleen Haiti OMS
Tiebe, Art & Betty Canada GOM
Van der Wal, Bill & Dianne Canada WBT
Volkman, Gordon & Lee Anne USA PTC
Weppler, Kevin & Michelle Romania GEM
Wolfram, Carolyn Ecuador HCJB



We do not post or publish workers' names who serve in 'creative access' countries. This list is only available to EMCC congregations, upon approval, by request from the Director of World Partners.