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  • Position Status: Fulltime (35-40 hours per week)

    Immediate Supervisor: EMCC President  

    Position Start Date: May/June 2024

    Compensation Package: Compensation will be in accordance with EMCC salary guidelines. Vacation, pension, and health benefits will be in keeping with HR policies. 

    Position Summary

    The Vice President is an associate role and will work alongside the President to oversee and support the work of the National Team. He or she shall be responsible for all such duties as delegated or assigned by the President.

    In cases, such as death, incapacitation, resignation, removal, or sabbatical, where the elected President is unable to fulfill the responsibilities of President, the Vice President shall assume the role of Interim President until the next General Assembly.

    Position Expectations

    The Vice President will be a member of the EMCC National Team.

    • Be accountable to the EMCC President
    • Chemistry and compatibility with the EMCC President will be important. It is expected that the Vice President will have both complementary gifts and skills to the President as well the abilities to be interchangeable with the President to advance the work of EMCC. It would be helpful if the Vice President has experience leading from the second-chair position in the organization.
    • Familiar and compatible with EMCC values and beliefs.
    • Live an exemplary life of following Jesus.
    • Adhere to the EMCC Bylaws, policies and EMCC Employee Handbook.

    Position Clarification

    The Vice President will not automatically become a future EMCC President. The Vice President may become a candidate for President but will follow the Presidential election process. 

    The Vice President has the primary role of denominational continuity rather than succession. The Vice President will be hired by the EMCC President, in consultation with the EMCC Board of Directors.

    Position Qualifications

    • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in theological education. Master’s and/or Doctorate degree will be considered an asset.
    • Must be or become a credentialed minister of the EMCC by the time of hiring. Ordained credentials preferred.
    • Proven track record of ministry experience and leadership skills. Known as a collaborative leader. Familiar with shared ministry team models (helpful).
    • Experience in working well with peers.
    • Experience and training in managing people and operations (including finance).
    • Possess strong relational, verbal, and written communication skills.
    • Possess strong organizational strengths and project management skills.
    • Possess abilities and experience in policy writing and policy management.
    • Able to work remotely; organize and complete multiple tasks simultaneously.
    • High level of integrity, servant-heart, and efficient, flexible work ethic.
    • Experience with conflict management, critical issues management and public relations (helpful)

    Key Position Responsibilities

    • Assist the President in the implementation of the Board-approved Strategic Plan and Tactical Plans toward our organizational ENDS.
    • Supervision of EMCC operations and policies through the EMCC Managers: Finance Manager, Communications Manager, HR Manager and Properties Manager.
    • Oversight of our large denominational events, working with our National Events Coordinator: General Assembly, Regional Gatherings.
    • Represent EMCC at member churches, retreats, and events, this includes preaching, teaching, and travel.
    • EMCC representative committees and organizations as assigned by the President.
    • Oversee the ongoing development of EMCC resources and equipping.
    • Assist the President in management of corporate and individual membership.
    • Assist the President in legal matters.


    The above description reflects the general details considered necessary to describe the principal functions and duties as required for proper evaluation of the job and will not be construed as a detailed description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in the job. Due to the EMCC being a small organization, employees may perform other duties and tasks as required to meet the needs of EMCC.

    Please submit CV/resume and cover letter to Heidi Middleton, HR Manager at