Carmen - 2019 Intern among the Chippewas of Nawash, Ontario

    Intern with World Partners



    Range - 1 to 4 months

    World Partners knows you want hands-on learning. But along with skill-development, you have the opportunity to learn from committed followers of Jesus who are making a difference in their communities, and be discipled and mentored by them, to learn how you can follow Jesusin the world. With on-going training, oversight, and support from Global Partners and Workers, you will:


    Opportunities for Individuals

    Internship in Levís, Quebec Entreprenuerial Mission
    This 4-week Internship gives a chance to participate in Francophone life in Quebec, sharing life with a family who love to help others in their journey towards and with Jesus, and who can help you cultivate integral mission (evangelism with service of others) skills. (Dates: August 2021).