Activating Compassion

You can respond to people made vulnerable by circumstances of injustice, poverty, and disaster, with the love and compassion of Jesus.

Humanitarian Response

When emergencies occur, the church is called to respond, with love.

Refugee and New Canadian Support

You can help sponsor displaced people, and welcome and integrate them into Canadian life. You can experience the love of Jesus in community together.

Social Action, as Followers of Jesus

When injustice is committed against human beings, you can do something. Get informed. Pray. Mobilize to restore justice.

Compassionate Action. Together with our Global Partners.

Compassionate Action

Food Assistance and Security through Canadian Foodgrains Bank (RD180)

All EMCC Equity contributes to our Canadian Foodgrains Bank programming for food security, food assistance, and humanitarian response around the world.

EMCC Humanitarian Response (RD102)
Responding to tragedies, with partners on the ground, or through our own Global Partners in affected areas. You can give anytime to this fund, and it will be used when whenever we respond.

Humanitarian Relief & Development Initiatives (RD100)
This R&D General Fund is applied to the Humanitarian Response Efforts and Development initiatives, where it is most needed.
Refugee Assistance Fund
This fund will enables EMCC to assist people fleeing poverty, persecution or violence in their home country to begin a new life in Canada.

Target: $15,000 per year