About EMCC World Partners

EMCC World Partners encompasses gospel ministry, worldwide relief & development work and Volunteer Teams (V-Teams) that serve in cross-cultural and/or international contexts.

Our Purpose

Following Jesus on mission together, World Partners serves as the cross-cultural and global ministries arm of EMCC. We invite people around the world to discover the Way of Jesus, we create change for suffering people, secure food & education, and value every person.

Our Global Reach

Our World Partners team serve in five other countries and also within Canada. We have a family of EMCC Partner churches in 19 countries under the banner of "World Partners International." Our president is the key liaison, bringing encouragement, and looking for opportunities to be a blessing to them.  We have projects running in seven countries including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Haiti, South Africa, Mexico and Ethiopia.

Our Staff

The EMCC World Partners staff serve as part of the EMCC National Team. These include:

Joel Zantingh, EMCC Interim World Partners Director. Joel gives oversight to our World Partners missionaries and to our Relief & Development work.

Pam Hicks, EMCC World Partners Administrative Assistant.

Nicole Jones, EMCC World Partners Engagement Coordinator

View a complete directory of the EMCC World Partners Team serving in a cross-cultural and/or international context here.