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V-Team - Albright EMC (VT784) V-Team - Albright EMC (VT784)
This team will be teaching English to High School and University students in Gens de Nantes. They will also continue to build relationships with the local community.
V-Team - Bonavista EMC (VT782) V-Team - Bonavista EMC (VT782)
July 2017. Along with Kory and Erin Sikstrom, this team will assist in an English Camp for the HEREOS children which the Sikstrom's have been developing a relationship with.
V-Team - Haiti Medical Team (VT783) V-Team - Haiti Medical Team (VT783)
This team will be partnering with a team of Haitian medical staff to serve the community of Benoit, in the department of the Nippes, as well as villages where there is an AEM presence near the city of Hinche.
V-Team - India (VT785) V-Team - India (VT785)
January 13 - January 28, 2017. This team will provide encouragement and medical aid to the poorest of the poor in areas where medical aid is very limited.