Simple Gift

Giving is a partnership. An act of worship.

An expression of love.

Thank you for how your simple gifts have supported the work of Jesus among your community, our Global Workers and Partners, and our EMCC family in 2021. Every thought, prayer, and investment of time, treasure or talent that shares God's blessing with others and enables them to experience the goodness of Jesus is beautiful in God's sight. If you are inclined to add to this today, these are the projects that need the most assistance as we come to the end of the year.

Workers, Partners, and Projects featured for 2021



Gens de Nantes Education, Food Security and Community Mobilization

$90,000 CAD/year (for 3.5 years, 2021-24)


Approx. 50 students' households and those they influence.

Our Haitian Global Partner, the AEM, has qualified leaders in Gens De Nantes who continue to be passionate about the thriving of families in their community. They have identified investment in both academic and agricultural education as keys to seeding hope and self-sufficiency.

Through the sponsorship of AEM primary and junior high school students and teachers, this investment will allow the leadership in GDN to serve these children and their families in the following ways:
  1. Securing continuous education for students, and resourcing teachers
  2. Integrating agricultural education into curriculum through demo gardens
  3. Equipping parents to implement household gardens, for their own food security
  4. Creating supportive connection for student's families and teachers, with follow-up visits and training.
  5. Creating a pathway for these leaders in GDN to demonstrate the love of Jesus though equipping and encouraging students, parents, and teachers.
LEARN MORE - Click to see footage from GDN, featured in our 2020 International Development Week campaign.

[photo credit: wknelsen 2019]


Other areas to contribute

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