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Starting Disciple-making Communities, Not “Planting Churches”

We trust Jesus’ leading for the development of new disciple-making communities and are ready to join Him by recruiting, equipping, deploying and networking disciple-making pioneers to live on mission where God has sent them.

As participants in God’s mission, our approach to disciple-making communities is to develop “Spirit-Empowered, Gospel-carrying” followers of Jesus on Mission. We take seriously that we have all been sent by Jesus, and don’t have to wait for salaries or formal organizational systems to get started. Rather, we will value the practice of ‘simply living on mission.’  We will be values-driven rather than methodology-driven and will be led by what it means to follow Jesus.  Our aim is to see the establishment of new disciple-making communities defined by the life described in the Way of Jesus (7-strands) which will be developed with a deep love for listening to the Spirit of God, a deep faith in the supernatural work of Jesus to form the Church, and clear wisdom that comes from understanding how groups form. We will not be surprised that only a portion of these works will end up as formally organized, Full-Member congregations of the EMCC; Some will, and some will not. Each and every attempt to establish disciple-making community is a beautiful expression of the Church and it all matters.

Note: The same values and principles of disciple-making are applicable to every congregation that is committed to following Jesus together, whether or not they label it as ‘church planting’ or have released a team of people to start a new work, or are simply seeking renewal within their existing congregation.

Glossary of Terms

Discipler – a disciple-maker; a follower of Jesus; the truest essence of the Christian life

Disciple-making Community – The Church; a gathered, called-out, set-apart community of Jesus’ followers.

Follower of Jesus – a person who has become a disciple/discipler.

Full-Member Congregation – a Congregation in covenant with EMCC as a full participant in our common cause and life together.

Manifesto – a public declaration of our policy and approach

New Work – every new expression of the people of God living on mission, including Individuals living on mission, followers of Jesus in intentional community sent by God to their neighbourhood, groups on mission, as well as ‘church planting’ pioneers and/or teams.

Way of Jesus – a simple, transferrable way of describing a discipler’s journey with Jesus to help her/him, and to help others. For details, please refer to


If you want to explore how to make disciples in your context, we would love to hear from you.

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