Is there anything we can really do? Yes.

Through increased awareness of what’s happening with refugees, in our churches, our communities, and the world, you can discover the needs and opportunities, and the resources we each have, to experience the hope Jesus is demonstrating with and through refugees lives.

Our Stories

For World Refugee Day, 2020, World Partners caught up with some of our own EMCC people involved in relationship with refugees. Let's learn together from those who are walking in step with God, with refugees, and others.

Part 1: How anything less than including the ones seeking refuge is less that God's best. An invitation, and an opening word.

Part 2: Seeing our Near Neighbours- The Gambles & David Benjamin

Part 3: Hospitality and Love- The Fullers & Jim McDowell and Scott Fisher, part of Sponsorship Team for Bethany EMC, Kitchener.

Part 4: Friends, Advocates and Allies- Lucy Chaimiti

Part 5: Changemakers- Aynsley Persad

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From our guests' organizations and resources.
Yeshu Mandli, Calgary.
David Benjamin,EMCC Enrich Facilitator
New Canadian Friendship Centre, Calgary.
Evangel Community Ministries, Kitchener.
Reception House,Waterloo Region.
Bethany EMC, Kitchener.
Adam House, Toronto.
Hello Europe

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