Relief and Development Projects

Joining with SIM Canada, we will provide follow-up training in Farming God's Way for teachers of the Armharic Bible Schools in Ethiopia. Subsequently, these teachers will be equipped to teach their students (almost all of whom are farmers) to care for the land and soil, resulting in reduced soil erosion, much higher yields, and therefore sustainable provision for their families.

In addition, Bible school teachers and students equipped with Farming God's Way have a powerful discipleship tool and a means for communicating news that is very good - spiritually, physically and agronomically. Farmers turning wholeheartedly from conventional practices to Farming God's Way can comfortably increase their yields 10 times.

Join us in equipping Bible school teachers and their students in bringing agronomic good news to the poor, freedom for the oppressed and the year of the Lord's favour.

Target: $27,000 CAD (2017-2022)
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