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Joel Zantingh

Executive Director of World Partners

Joel lives in Guelph, Ontario, and is married to the lovely and detail-savvy Christie. She's still his favourite person. They have young adult children and an extroverted Tibetan Terrier. Joel loves time with family and friends, inspiring people to follow Jesus, playing squash & golf, tackling projects, and composing or playing music. He also enjoys fresh-roasted coffee, travel, and art. He received his Bachelors degree (B.Th. 1994) from Emmanuel Bible College, and has taken courses at Regent College, Harvard Kennedy School, and Jerusalem University College. After serving as a pastor with Royal City Church (EMC) in Guelph for nearly 11 years, Joel joined the EMCC National Team. He was appointed to serve as a Regional Minister, coaching pastors and churches in Canada for almost 13 years. He was then appointed as the Interim Director of World Partners for EMCC, to consolidate the World Partners missionaries/workers, our International partners, and development work under one portfolio, and lead an assessment process. Since March 2018, Joel has served as the ED of World Partners, leading the vision for healthy global mission engagement. World Partners is learning with, connecting and mobilizing people to adaptively participate in Jesus' mission everywhere.


Joel Zantingh
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