Connect with Global Workers

Those listed on this page are supervised by World Partners.
Those working Fulltime with other agencies are listed here.
Interns and other approved Workers are listed here.                                          
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Chapple, Dan & Anne-Marie Pastoral Training, Mexico
Serving Since: 2004


Dan & Anne-Marie give oversight to and empower the EMCC World Partners team in Mexico.
Dilts, Rob & Sharlene Algonquin First Nations Workers
Serving Since 2012

Rob and Sharlene are travelling alongside Indigenous Peoples and building paths with communities and our Creator, Jesus Christ.
Reid, Dorothy Training Leaders and Children's Workers: Romania
Serving since 2003

Dorothy is mentoring and discipling Romanian children's ministry workers, serving widows, and multiplying workers.
Wiens, Dan & Kerry Community Development: South Africa
Serving since 2005


The Wiens train and mentor leaders throughout Africa in the Farming God’s Way tool as well as lead the Inundo Development Model Farm.

Zantingh, Joel Executive Director of World Partners
Joel provides direction and generates support to see the vision of World Partners materialize. He directly ensures that EMCC Churches, Global Workers and Global Partners are growing in mutual relationships, partnering with Jesus' mission everywhere.
Elliott, Keith & Ruth Ann Global Partner Developers
Serving since 1979


The Elliotts will help the EMCC develop relationships with partner denominations in Latin America and the Caribbean.