World Partners Field Projects

Mexico: Leadership Development (IPF336)
We assist the strengthening of the Church leadership of our 2 Global Partner Denominations by equipping, mentoring, and developing disciple-making leaders. We create resiliency by empowering Mexican facilitators who will be able to accomplish this mission.

Target: $27,000 (August 2019 - July 2021)
Romania: Heroes + 360 Youth Work (IPF419)
This program is a platform for helping volunteers and teens in Craiova to grow in their sense of worth, and provide them with a context for building relationships with mature and principled people who support them on their journey through adolescence.

Target: $25,000 / year (July 2019 - July 2021)
World Partners Services World Partners Services
EMCC World Partners' assistance to our churches and care for all our people in Global Mission are sustained through these donations.

Inundo Model Farm (IPF341)

Inundo (“overflow') aims to develop a network of Farming God’s Way implementers and trainers from across Africa, who implement and pass on what they see modelled out of living life with Jesus. 

Target: $356,154 (August 2018 - July 2021)

Mexico: Mission Vehicle (IPF339)
You can assist with the purchase of a vehicle for our World Partners Global workers in Mexico. They will be sufficiently-equipped with a vehicle that will handle the rural terrain, where many of the churches are which they support.

Target $45,604.40 CAD
Through This Together (Increasing our Partners Response to Covid-19) (RD145)
Country: International

Community members affected by Covid-19, where EMCC has Global Partners

Description: On the frontlines of response in countries where the EMCC has Global Partners, partners are serving their...