How can we ready ourselves to share mutually with those seeking refuge in Canada and across the globe? 

This year's theme for reflection ahead of World Refugee Day on June 20th, is "Ready to Share".

1 Timothy 6:18-19 provided instruction to the early church, as they sought to be a gathering that was wholly counter-cultural, as all shared from the same table. This instruction included a commitment to doing good, being generous, and ready to share. Having affirmed in past campaigns that we co-belong to one another, and can remain in step with what God is already doing, this year we are focusing on how we, as followers of Jesus, can embody a readiness to share all the measure of resource we steward. Our lives are enriched by the people we develop relationship with who bring the gift of different perspectives and experiences. Healthy frameworks for action are propelled by this readiness to share and informed by a philosophy of co-belonging. 


The Narrative

For World Refugee Day, 2022, World Partners caught up with EMCC people involved in relationships with refugee claimants and those who have been sponsored, as well as those recently settled in Canada. Let's learn together from these friends who have pursued relationship with refugees, shared generously, and remain transformed and convicted by these interactions.  

Part 1: Ready to Share Our Spaces, an introduction to the theme and stories from those serving Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced people. 

Part 2: Ready to Share Our Finances, the story of how donations from the EMCC is partnering with Ethiopia Kale Heywet Church to serve those displaced by the conflict in Tigray.  

Part 3: Ready to Share Our Tables, a story of refugee sponsorship from Chestermere Christian Fellowship. 

Part 4: Ready to Share Our Time, the lessons from Bethel New Dundee after embarking on a second refugee sponsorship. 

Part 5: Ready to Share Our Lives, a reflection on this week and considering next steps for both individual and collective participation with God's call to care for and welcome the refugee. 


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A bit about our guests and resources for your use. 

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Mark World Refugee Day in Your Church 

World Refugee Day Visual Resources

Prayer Summit

World Partners hosted an EMCC Connected Across the Globe event - a time of focused prayer for refugees, and all of us, in connection and community with them. 

Additional Resources

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