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What's the Idea?

It's simple... We will gather together. You come ready to share a theological idea that you've learned in the past year and then hear the ideas of others. Learn an idea and share an idea - it's that simple!

Theology Discussion Group

I believe, in our day and age, we need more theological training, not less. Yet, the traditional formats are also changing. So, what this group is about is learning from your peers about things that have actually had an impact on them and shaped them.

The expectations for the group are simple...

  • Learn at least one new theological idea or point prior to the gathering (through books, podcasts, training, etc.)
  • Come prepared to share how it has shaped you
  • Be ready to then discuss, not debate, these ideas (it's about learning together)
  • This event is open to EMCC Pastors and Ministry Leaders

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*Please note that this is a local church event not hosted by the EMCC. Event details are subject to change. Please contact event host for updated information.