Missionary Blogs

Some of our World Partners Missionaries have their own websites and blogs, others may be using a blog built in to this site. Click on the name of a Missionary in the directory below to see what additional information is connected to their profile.

Benson, Ken & Carolyn Preparing and Debriefing Missionaries as they Cross Cultures
Serving since 1998


Involved in training programs for cross-cultural workers.
Bragg, Stan & Sally Saugeen First Nations Workers

Serving Since: 2006

The Braggs work on the Saugeen First Nation Reserve, near Owen Sound, ON. through ministry to children and youth and to their families.

Chapple, Dan & Anne-Marie Pastoral Training, Mexico
Serving Since: 2004


Dan & Anne-Marie give oversight to and empower the EMCC World Partners team in Mexico.
Dilts, Rob & Sharlene Algonquin First Nations Workers
Raising Support:

Rob & Sharlene are passionate about reaching Algonquin people in eastern Ontario and Quebec.
English, Phil & Carolyn Mexico: Leadership Training

Serving Since: 2015

EMCC World Partners Missionaries, Phil and Carolyn serve with the World Partners Team in Mexico.

Faw, Ron & Jeannette Pastoral Training, Brazil

Serving Since: 1972

Ron and Jeannette are involved in teaching and leadership training for the Igreja Missionária Unida do Brasil, EMCC's sister denomination in Brazil.

Gingras, Donald & Lorraine Disciple-Making: Quebec

Serving since 2002

The Gingras play a support role to local churches in Quebec for disciple-making, counseling and speaking on the ministry of Reconciliation.

McIlroy, Marilyn Health & Community Development
Serving Since 2003

Marilyn serves in the capacity of Project Manager, Health & Community Development for EMCC.
Reid, Dorothy Training Leaders and Children's Workers: Romania
Serving since 2003

Dorothy is mentoring and discipling Romanian children's ministry workers, serving widows, and multiplying workers.
Ruiz, Moises & Carolyn Pastoral Training: Mexico

Serving since 2012

Moises and Carolyn serve in Mexico training and resourcing pastors, coordinating volunteer teams, and helping with field admin.