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EMCC Oct 2018 Template for Policy on Substance Use

As you are aware, October 17th marked the beginning of legalized recreational cannabis use in Canada. This understandably raises significant questions and concerns for churches and faith-based organizations, one of which is the need to develop a related policy. EMCC is pleased to help with this. 

With assistance from the firm, Christian HR Solutions, based in Ontario, EMCC has developed a Substance Use Policy template, which you will find linked below. This is a template for you to use and may require some modification to fit your ministry context. However, please be sure not to remove or modify any legislative requirements. Please only edit the template with the name of your church or organization, and adapt it to relate to your unique staffing and organizational situation. 

Note that this does not constitute legal advice. Since this policy reflects our understanding of current regulations, it will be your responsibility to stay up to date with any requirements or changes enacted by various levels of government within your own provincial jurisdictions, and to revise your policy accordingly. Should there be any requirements or changes enacted, please keep us informed by passing along such changes to me. We will also do our best to be equally informed and to pass along recommended changes.

God bless you as you follow Jesus together and represent Him where He has placed you.


Nathanael Ong

Chief Finance and Operations Officer | EMCC

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