EMCC Family Chats are hosted by the Interim President for the purpose of creating space and opportunity for information sharing and dialogue together, particularly to prepare us for our online General Assembly on April 30, 2021. 

These events are open to all pastors, church leaders, global workers, and anyone else interested.

January 26: Integration and Reorganization
The topics discussed include System upgrades, Annual Reporting, Financial Realities, 2021 Outlook & Budget, Presidential Search, Staffing Reorganization, and EMCC Core Services.

Watch the replay on YouTube.

February 23: Governance and Theology

The topics discussed include Reviewing EMCC Articles of Practice, Understanding our EMCC Publications, and a Call for Positions Papers.

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Download the Hanout.

April 13: Preparation for General Assembly

The topics discussed include preliminary conversation/discussion on items/matters that will be on the Assembly agenda. 

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Download the Handout: Family Chat Agenda