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Those listed on this page are supervised by World Partners.
Workers working full time with other Mission Agencies are listed here.
Interns and other approved Workers are listed here.


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Benson, Ken & Carolyn Preparing and Debriefing Workers through MissionPREP

Ken and Carolyn Benson have been mission workers with World Partners since 1998, and are presently serving many groups in the "Mission-sending and care" community, through MissionPREP.

Bragg, Stan & Sally Saugeen First Nations Workers

The Braggs remain actively involved in mentoring and walking together with First Nation leaders, supporting and encouraging them as they lead their communities and seek to follow Jesus.

Chapple, Dan & Anne-Marie Pastoral Training, Mexico

Dan & Anne-Marie provide oversight for and leadership to the pastoral training of pastors for our Mexican partner denominations, help prepare and care for new and returning missionaries with MissionPREP, and advance relationships with partner denominations across Latin America.

Dilts, Rob & Sharlene Algonquin First Nations Workers

Rob and Sharlene are travelling alongside Indigenous Peoples and building paths with communities and our Creator, Jesus Christ. They have served since 2012.

McIlroy, Marilyn Health & Community Development

Marilyn serves in the capacity of Project Manager, Health & Community Development for EMCC. She's been serving since 2003.

Reid, Dorothy Training Leaders and Children's Workers, Romania
Dorothy is mentoring and discipling Romanian children's ministry workers, serving widows, and multiplying workers. She has been serving since 2003.
Elliott, Keith & Ruth Ann Global Partner Developers, Latin America and Caribbean
The Elliotts help the EMCC develop reciprocal relationships with partner denominations in Latin America and the Caribbean. They have served since 1979.