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Yvonne Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Health care professionals-in-training, who wish to use their gifts in Haiti.

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Yvonne Martin, a retired registered nurse from Waterloo Region (Alma, Ontario) joined her first EMCC Volunteer medical team to Hinche, Haiti in January, 2007 for two weeks.  Subsequently she travelled with medical teams in January 2008 and 2009.  In the fall of 2009, Yvonne began the role of team leader; she planned team meetings.  She prepared the nurses and other volunteers and cared for the fundraising of supplies and medicines for the team travelling in January, 2010.  Yvonne had a heart for and loved the people of Haiti.  She really enjoyed travelling to and working in the villages of Malary and Seramonde, Londrinn and Sapate.  She was thrilled to travel to Savanne Kajou and overnight on the floor with the team in that mountainous community close to the border of the Dominican Republic.  Yvonne said “I will keep on doing this (medical mission work) as long as I am able to do so.”

The devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010 claimed the life of Yvonne Martin. Her family, in collaboration with EMCC Global Initiatives, established the Yvonne Martin Memorial Fund.  Donations flowed in generously from Waterloo Region and surrounding communities, from family and friends, acquaintances and interested people.

Two areas of great need in Haiti are education and health care. Only 1.4% of students will complete High School. According to Unicef statistics, there are only 4 doctors per 10,000 persons (Unicef 2009).  Nurses, auxiliary health workers, trained midwives and other health professionals need to be added to the health care provider roster. The Yvonne Martin Memorial Scholarship has been established to provide finances for students intending to pursue or who are already pursuing higher education in the health field. The intended beneficiaries will be students desiring to study or who are presently studying in some field of health care: auxiliary health care provider, nursing, community nursing, midwifery, post baccalaureate nursing, x-ray technician, laboratory technician, or other health studies appropriate for rural Haiti.

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