How do we understand how we co-belong to one another? 

This year’s theme for reflection ahead of World Refugee Day on June 20th, is “Fitted Together”.

The early church was fitted together by a unity in the Spirit, while representing a gathering that was wholly counter-cultural, as all shared from the same table.  As followers of Jesus, we experience the fullness of God’s blessing being in community with those from all languages, cultures, and social locations. Our understanding of God’s grace and mercy is deepened. Our capacity for love is extended. We expand our learning. Jesus went out of His way to meet a Samaritan woman. He healed a Roman centurion's son. And He spent three years with a friend who would betray Him. The heart of God is revealed in these encounters. Our lives are enriched by the people we develop relationship with who bring the gift of different perspectives and experiences. Choosing co-belonging is a framework of thinking that can lead to healthy frameworks for action. 


The Narrative

For World Refugee Day, 2021, World Partners caught up with EMCC people involved in relationships with refugee claimants and those who have been sponsored, as well as those recently settled in Canada. Let's learn together from these friends who have pursued relationship with refugees, and the results that emphasize their sense of belonging to one another. 

Part 1: An Invitation to Be Fitted Together, reflecting on this week's theme and looking ahead

Part 2: Fitted Together with Newcomers, the story of how Cornerstone Oromo Christian Missions Centre has extended a place of belonging and found new Canadians contributing in return.

Part 3: Encouraging Co-Belonging, the story of how Adam House has created a space for refugees and the wider community to build friendships.

Part 4: Choosing to be 'Fitted Together', the story of  how Ben (and his family) and Pam Hicks became chose family through refugee sponsorship.

Part 5: Continuing in a Spirit of Co-Belonging, reflecting on the week and what next steps each of us can take to bear witness to God's desire to fit us together with those of all social locations, languages, and cultures. 


Learn More

A bit about our guests and resources for your use. 

Cornerstone Oromo Christians Missions Centre, Calgary. 

Pam Hicks, EMCC National Team Member, Operations Projects and Refugee Sponsorship Coordinator

Adam House, Toronto. 

Mark World Refugee Day in Your Church 

World Refugee Day Resources

Prayer Summit

World Partners hosted an EMCC Connected Across the Globe event - a time of focused prayer for refugees, and all of us, in connection and community with them. 

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