Integrating Development

You can assist community development around the world. The Global Church is blessing others and demonstrating the good news of Jesus in an integrated way, and your church can participate with them.


Did you know that God has given resources to everyone? That's how we give and receive together.

7 Resources Available To All

You can assist Global Churches' Capacity to Bless

You can listen to and assist Global Partners in their goals, as defined by them, in developing disciple-making focus, and addressing their community development needs. All World Partners' opportunities, partnerships, and projects flow from this value.

Creation Care

You can have an impact in the God's restoration for people and planet. As followers of Jesus, we can respond to the biblical invitation to care for all creation, and uphold the value of simple living as stewards of God’s resources.

Projects assisting Community Development.


Church and Community Transformation (CCT)

$15,000 - $20,000 CAD per project.

2019-2020, this project will benefit 50 Kebeles in SW Ethiopia.

World Partners provides assistance to Global Partner Churches who are lifting their communities out of poverty, towards increasing transformation. Where Partner Churches need to be awakened to God's call for them to minister to the whole person (physical, social and spiritual needs), we enable them through Church and Community Transformation (CCT), first pioneered by Tearfund UK. So we’ve decided to begin providing modest grants to our partners for helping to mobilize churches to integrate development with the proclamation of the good news of Jesus' Way.

CCT Approach

Step 1 > Awakening the Church

  • Churches are trained and understand their biblical mandate for holistic ministry - to care for the social, economic, emotional and spiritual needs of all God’s people and creation.
  • Churches mobilize their members and resources for holistic purposes

Step 2 > Church Mobilizing with Community

  • Churches engage with their communities for integral development.
  • Communities are mentored in relevant topics, such as prayer, group formation, empowerment, conservation agriculture, gardening, savings and loans, etc.
  • Churches and communities understand their situation, and have motivation and options to transform it positively.

Step 3 > Church and Community Transformation

  • Churches mobilized serve their families and communities holistically.
  • Churches and Communities’ lives are improved socially, economically, emotionally, and spiritually, blessing others as followers of Jesus.

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[CCT info & Photo Credit - TEARFUND]