Connect with Global Workers and Partners

You can support and build relationship with women and men serving cross-culturally. Whether from Canada, or elsewhere, we support these workers and partners in Jesus' mission. Near or far, you can make a difference.

Host Global Workers and Partners in Canada

Showing hospitality is an incredible way to bless others. When Global Workers and Partners are among us, you can have an amazing impact through opening your home, helping with logistics, transportation and the like.
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World Partners Cares

Global Workers from EMCC churches receive resources, investment and care from World Partners, so they can participate effectively in Jesus' mission. Learn More.

Strengthen Your Participation

Global Workers (or Missionaries) develop and maintain their own support networks, but World Partners is here for advise, tools, and ideas to strengthen those relationships. 

Read more in our Charter Agreement Template.

Morris, Karen - WEC International

Karen is involved in a ministry to at-risk children and teens and their families in partnership with a local church.

Karen was born and raised in Waterloo, ON. She felt the call to Spain in the summer of 2000 while studying at the University of Waterloo and has been serving full-time in Spain with WEC International since 2005. Karen’s heart is for the youth of Spain. She counts it a privilege to work with underprivileged children and teenagers in partnership with a local church. Through offering homework classes, they have been able to make many connections with families in the neighbourhood. 

Instagram: @karenmorris570