Published on EMCC Together on December 16, 2020

This year has made each of us more adaptable, flexible and open-handed with every aspect of our lives. Inevitably, we have all journeyed through disappointment at what could not be, and toward a different understanding of what remains possible. 

For Elva and fellow nurses in Saskatchewan, their opportunity to return and continue to work alongside Haitian health care workers was disrupted first by 2018 political unrest, and then the onslaught of a global pandemic. While the opportunity to visit was closed, the opportunity to partner continued. 

The initial plan was to work alongside medical students and professionals alike from Gens de Nantes (GDN) and others connected to the AEM (EMCC’s sister denomination) to serve the community of Benoit in the Department of the Nippes in southern Haiti. This clinic outpost is a result of previous investment from Canada and partnership with the AEM to see health care more accessible to this remote area. Previous weeklong clinics in Benoit, with Canadian and Haitian health care professionals working together had a variety of foci and an overwhelming response from Benoit and surrounding rural communities. Elva, and the others she recruited with great passion, were eager for a next chance to visit and participate in-person together.