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Benson, Ken & Carolyn - Preparing and Debriefing Missionaries as they Cross Cultures

Ken and Carolyn Benson have been World Partners missionaries since 1998 and are presently serving with an interdenominational missionary training program called MissionPREP in Toronto, Canada. 

Missionary Project Description:
Their 13 years of experience as missionaries in Portugal, and their training as teachers, has equipped them to help organize and facilitate missionary training courses, mentor and encourage the missionary families they serve, who are preparing for or returning from cross cultural ministry.
They work with other facilitators to offer programs including: IMPACT- a 2-week program for cross cultural and ministry orientation, PLANTS- a 2-week language acquisition program, and RE-VIEW- a 5 day debriefing program for missionaries returning from the field or desiring to process their mission experience. ( They also collaborate with other organizations to encourage missional training endeavors. . 
These programs are being used by EMCC World Partners to help equip people who are preparing for or returning from cross-cultural ministry.
The partnership between Ken and Carolyn, MissionPREP and EMCC World Partners to help missionaries crossing cultures, fits our mandate and vision for global ministry.


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