World Partners Field Projects

South Africa Vehicle (IPF#350) - Half-Ton Pickup Truck

The vision and heart of Farming God’s Way is to break the yoke of poverty among the rural poor.  It is primarily a spiritual yoke, resulting in many kinds of poverty. Dan and Kerry Wiens are working to build a network of Farming God’s Way disciples, leaders, trainers, and ministries, utilizing existing churches and Christian NGO’s throughout South Africa and beyond.

In order to accomplish the task, a half-ton pickup truck, equipped with necessary training equipment and tools is necessary. It will function as a mobile training unit, enabling the Wiens' to travel throughout South Africa to train and equip emerging leaders, and to consult with and support faith-based organizations wanting to establish their own Farming God’s Way discipleship and training initiatives.

Target: $53,200 over 1 year. (September 2016 - December 2017)