World Partners Field Projects


Leadership Training (IPF #470)
Bible and leadership training program in partnership with our sister denomination AEM.

Target: $27,720 US dollars (2015 - 2017)
Leadership Development (IPF #336)
Our mission in Mexico is to strengthen the Church by equipping, mentoring, and developing disciple-making leaders. We create resiliency by empowering Mexican facilitators who will be able to accomplish this mission.

Target: $27,000 (August 2019 - July 2021)
Heroes + 360 Youth Work (IPF #419)
This program is a platform for helping volunteers and teens in Craiova to grow in their sense of worth, and provide them with a context for building relationships with mature and principled people who support them on their journey through adolescence.

Target: $15,000 (July 2017 - July 2020)
World Partners Support World Partners Support
The World Partners Support is applied to the EMCC World Partners Missionary Project where support is most needed.
Inundo Model Farm (IPF #341)

Inundo (“overflow') aims to develop a network of Farming God’s Way implementers and trainers from across Africa, who implement and pass on what they see modelled out of living life with Jesus. 

Target: $356,154 (August 2018 - July 2021)

Mexico Mission Vehicle (IPF #339)
You can assist with the purchase of a vehicle for our World Partners Global workers in Mexico. They will be sufficiently-equipped with a vehicle that will handle the rural terrain, where many of the churches are which they support.

Target $45,604.40 CAD