World Partners Field Projects


Heroes Program (IPF #419)
The Heroes Program is a platform for helping volunteers and teens in Craiova to grow in their sense of worth to God and people, and a context for building relationships with followers of Jesus who support them on their journey.

Target: $15,000 (July 2017 - July 2020)
Leadership Training (IPF #470)
Bible and leadership training program in partnership with our sister denomination AEM.

Target: $27,720 US dollars (2015 - 2017)
Pastor Support (IPF #452)
The Evangelical Missionary Church of Cuba (IEMC) has a number of congregations unable to adequately support their pastors. This project will aid in bringing subsidy to a number of extremely poorly paid pastors.

Target: $2,120 (2015)
Pastoral Training and Care (IPF #450)
To cover the cost of pastoral visits to develop and maintain a strong relationship with the Leadership of the EMC in Cuba and face-to-face encouragement and pastoral care to the pastors of the EMC in Cuba.

Target: $14,000 (2015 - 2016)
Pinaaz-i Zibi Maamawi Indigenous Camp (IPF #446)
Rob and Sharlene Dilts, along with other partners, will host an Indigenous Camp July 28-August 4 at Camp Mishewah.

Target: $3,500 (2018)
Saugeen - Child & Youth Worker (IPF #444)
This student will be hired to assist in the Kids Church ministry. The Children's ministry is a big part of reaching the community for Christ, through relationships with parents, care givers, and reaching children and youth. Raising up the next generation of Jesus followers in the First Nations context.

Target: $2500 (October 2017 - June 2018)
Seminary Training Project (IPF #451)
The IEMC (Evangelical Missionary Church of Cuba) has begun a seminary training program to train local church leaders and pastors. Funds for this project will provide assistance for travel for teachers and students, hospitality costs and materials for studies.

Target: $4,240 (2015 - 2016)
South Africa Vehicle (IPF#350) Half-Ton Pickup Truck

The truck will function as a mobile training unit, enabling the Wiens' to travel throughout South Africa to train and equip emerging leaders...

Target: $53,200 over 1 year. (September 2016 - December 2017)
Theological Education (IPF #301)
Covers some of the costs for the teaching ministry in course development,
administration, and teaching in (SIBIN) pastoral/leadership training program.

Target: $10,000 (2017-2020)
Theological Education (IPF #336)
Our mission in Mexico is to strengthen the Church by equipping, mentoring, and developing disciple-making leaders. We also wish to reproduce ourselves by empowering Mexican teachers who will be able to accomplish this mission.

Target: $20,000 (August 2017 - July 2019)