Relief and Development Projects


International: Canadian Foodgrains Bank (R&D #180)
This is a GENERAL FUND which will be distributed to the CFGB program for food security, food aid, and relief around the world.
International: EMCC Disaster Relief (R&D #102)
Responding to Emergency Disasters, in collaboration with partners on the ground, or through our own people in troubled areas. You can give anytime to this fund, and it will be used when disaster strikes.

International: EMCC Relief & Developmet General Fund (R&D #100)
The EMCC R&D General Funds are applied to the R&D project where it is needed most.
International: Medical Kits (R&D #135)
Health Partners' Physician Travel Packs (PTPs) are purchased and delivered by teams traveling with Volunteer Teams.
Canada: Refugee Fund
This fund will help those who are fleeing poverty, persecution or violence in their home country to begin a new life in Canada.

Target: $12,000


Ethiopia: Farming God's Way Training Resources (R&D #170)
Equipping rural teachers in agriculture conservation.

Target: $27,000 CAD (2017 - 2022)


Haiti: Gens de Nantes Health Center (R&D #114)
EMCC R&D has committed to a three year project to provide funds and housing for recognized medical staff.

Target: $125,000
Haiti: Yvonne Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund (R&D #11005)
The objective of this project is to train and deploy qualified health care professionals who will provide excellent care in under served, rural areas of Haiti.


International: Venezuela Relief (R&D #131)
In collaboration with our partners, this fund will assist the ‘Iglesia Misionera en Venezuela COMIVE’ reach those families who need emergency access to food, medical, care, and critical social services.