Global Workers Week

Global Workers and Partners Week

At EMCC World Partners, our Global Workers and Partners continually commit and serve out a whole-life posture, offering all they are as invested members of a variety of communities. 

Our 2021 Campaign is centred out of Proverbs 3:26 “The Lord will be your confidence”. For our workers and partners, they continue to draw strength from their relationship with the Triune God as they serve in evolving circumstances. May their stories of being further rooted in their followership with Jesus give you confidence as we all seek to adaptively participate in Jesus' mission in the world.


The Narrative

Our 2021 Campaign, November 15-19th, 2021.

Part 1 - Drawing from a Sure Source, introducing our theme for this week and an interview with Dan and Anne-Marie Chapple. 

Part 2 - Leaning on a Different Understanding, considering how Marilyn McIlroy and our AEM partners in Haiti continue to collaborate together throughout the peaks and valleys. 

Part 3 - Different Contexts, Same Message, hearing a on-the-ground report from our global partners in Ecuador alongside Keith and Ruth Ann Elliot. 

Part 4 - The Faith and Courage to Try, stories from the Ethiopia Kale Heywet Church as they encourage others to have faith and try a new means of agriculture, and churches to engage in the food security needs of their communities. 

Part 5 - Walking with Sure Footing, reflecting on what was learned and shared this week and encouraging you in what might be your next right action step moving forward.

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Review, read, and watch the contents of our 2020 Campaign, 'Wherever God Invites' below.

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