Global Workers Week

Global Workers and Partners Week

At EMCC World Partners, our Global Workers and Partners continually commit and serve out a whole-life posture, offering all they are as invested members of a variety of communities. 

Our 2022 Campaign is centered around stories of how global workers and partneres demonstrate generosity in their care and concern for others. We hope these stories will encourage you, both in your participation as part of the wider church, and as you consider extending hospitality and care to those God places in your path. May their stories give you confidence as we all seek to adaptively participate in Jesus' mission in the world.

The Narrative

Our 2022 Campaign, November 14-18th, 2022.

Part 1 - Walking Together, a story of how Rob and Sharlene Dilts are committed to storytelling together as a way to build community with their near-neighbors. 

Part 2 - Caring in Complex Places, a call to collective reconcilation work from Stan and Sally Bragg, giving examples from their context. 

Part 3 - Conduit of Care, an opportunity to heart the heart of collaboration behind Ken and Carolyn Benson's ministry. 

Part 4 - Yielding to Jesus, Dorothy Reid's story of how God continues to strengthen her as she cares for her communtiy in Romania. 

Part 5 - Caring with the Global Church, concluding this week's campaign with stories and prayer requests for global partners and links for continued connection. 


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Serve With Us

If you want to volunteer, intern, or pursue a career in global mission, World Partners can help.I'm interested


Our 2021 Campaign, 'Rooted Confidence' below.

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Our 2020 Campaign, 'Wherever God Invites' below.

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