Immersion Learning

Sometimes the best way to gain insight is to allow followers of Jesus within another culture to disciple you.

Immersion as a mindset

What's happening in your community? Discover Friendship and Learning Circles, Youth Societies, Dropins, New Canadian Friendship Centres. Keep learning how Jesus is at work around you, and join him.

Immerse With Your Partners, Near and Far.

Short-term Mission trips continue to adapt. Don't wait for World Partners' to take Exploratory trips, or Partner Development trips to mission partners near and far.

Reach out for guidance or templates.

With global travel options hampered, that doesn't mean you can't explore potential partnerships. For 2021, we are preparing to host an exclusive 4-day interaction with one of our Global Partners. Each day will help explore cross-culturally, how living for Jesus makes a difference makes a difference in our inner lives, and impacts our communities.

The end of each day will be facilitated by World Partners, in debriefing and processing what we've learned from each other and from God's Spirit.

The experience will finish with an "EMCC Connected Event" where participants will be able to share what they've learned with friends and the curious.

Costs TBD

Dates TBD