Integrating Development

You can assist community development around the world. The Global Church is blessing others and demonstrating the good news of Jesus in an integrated way, and your church can participate with them.


Did you know that God has given resources to everyone? That's how we give and receive together.

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You can assist Global Churches' Capacity to Bless

You can listen to and assist Global Partners in their goals, as defined by them, in developing disciple-making focus, and addressing their community development needs. All World Partners' opportunities, partnerships, and projects flow from this value.

Creation Care

You can have an impact in the God's restoration for people and planet. As followers of Jesus, we can respond to the biblical invitation to care for all creation, and uphold the value of simple living as stewards of God’s resources.

Projects assisting Community Development.

Inundo Model Farm - (IPF341)

COUNTRY: South Africa

Inundo Developmental Model and Training Farm

$600,000 (August 2021 - July 2024)

Dan and Kerry Wiens’ time in South Africa has led to a deepening burden to find ways to express the whole gospel message to communities, after seeing first-hand the burden and hopelessness resulting from poverty and hunger. This is why they are developing networks of leaders that will be able to transform the continent. They desire to see people begin to steward Africa’s abundance using the Farming God’s Way tool. Their work takes them throughout South Africa, as well as to other parts of Africa.

Inundo (“overflow”) is an experiential model farm developed and managed by the Wiens, where they and their team share their whole lives, transformed by the Good News, with a growing network of implementers and trainers. They increase the network members’ influence by passing on to others what the Inundo team are modelling in their life with Jesus and in the implementation of Farming God’s Way. Their success is a growing network of African influencers, enabling an overflow of abundant living across the continent. The latest phase in the development of Inundo infrastructure is to build a training classroom, guesthouse and intern accommodation. 

See the snapshot of Inundo's impact in 2022 below. 

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