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Dilts, Rob & Sharlene - Algonquin First Nations Workers

Raising Support:

Rob & Sharlene are passionate about reaching Algonquin people in eastern Ontario and Quebec in partnership with local churches and First Nations believers.

Rob & Sharlene are working together with local churches and First Nations believers to reach others within the Algonquin community. They will be involved in various outreach ministries for children, youth, women and men and will be developing house churches or small group ministries to disciple and train new leaders among the Algonquin people. They will also coordinate the participation of volunteer teams to facilitate relationships within the larger Body of Christ.  Rob & Sharlene will be working from Golden Lake, ON. Pictured in the photo are Rob & Sharlene and their son, Jonathan.

See the video below for a brief overview of their ministry.

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