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Ruiz, Moises & Carolyn - Pastoral Training: Mexico

Serving since 2012

Moises and Carolyn work with Dan and Anne-Marie Chapple in Mexico. They are involved in training and resourcing pastors, coordinating volunteer teams, and field administration.

Missionary Project Description:
As part of the World Partners Missional Team in Mexico, Moises and Carolyn's primary ministry is training pastors and lay leaders of the Missionary Church of Mexico (Iglesia Misionera de Mexico) and Ambassadors of Jesus Christ (Embajadadores de Jusucristo) using SEAN pastoral Biblical training materials. Moises and Carolyn also visit with pastors and their families for encouragement, coaching and mentoring. Other responsibilities include coordinating the participation of volunteer teams in significant projects of the Missionary Church of Mexico and giving leadership to various elements of field administration for the World Partners team in Mexico.

Short Video on the Ruiz's call and mission to Mexico