Our World Partners Team

Benson, Ken & Carolyn Training New Missionaries
Serving since 1998


Ken & Carolyn prepare new missionaries for cross-culture ministry in cooperation with EMCC World Partners and MissionPREP in Toronto
Bragg, Stan & Sally Saugeen First Nations Workers

Serving Since: 2006

The Braggs work on the Saugeen First Nation Reserve, near Owen Sound, ON. through ministry to children and youth and to their families.

Chapple, Dan & Anne-Marie Pastoral Training, Mexico
Serving Since: 2004


Dan & Anne-Marie give oversight to and empower the EMCC World Partners team in Mexico.
Dilts, Rob & Sharlene Algonquin First Nations Workers
Raising Support:

Rob & Sharlene are passionate about reaching Algonquin people in eastern Ontario and Quebec.
English, Phil & Carolyn Mexico: Leadership Training

Serving Since: 2015

EMCC World Partners Missionaries, Phil and Carolyn serve with the World Partners Team in Mexico.

Faw, Ron & Jeannette Pastoral Training, Brazil

Serving Since: 1972

Ron and Jeannette are involved in teaching and leadership training for the Igreja Missionária Unida do Brasil, EMCC's sister denomination in Brazil.

Gingras, Donald & Lorraine Disciple-Making: Quebec

Serving since 2002

The Gingras play a support role to local churches in Quebec for disciple-making, counseling and speaking on the ministry of Reconciliation.

McIlroy, Marilyn Health & Community Development
Serving Since 2003

Marilyn serves in the capacity of Project Manager, Health & Community Development for EMCC.
Reid, Dorothy Training Leaders and Children's Workers: Romania
Serving since 2003

Dorothy is mentoring and discipling Romanian children's ministry workers, serving widows, and multiplying workers.
Ruiz, Moises & Carolyn Pastoral Training: Mexico

Serving since 2012

Moises and Carolyn serve in Mexico training and resourcing pastors, coordinating volunteer teams, and helping with field admin.

Sikstrom, Kory & Erin Leadership Development: Romania
Serving Since 2010

Kory and Erin give oversight to the EMCC World Partners team in Romania.
Wiens, Dan & Kerry Community Development: South Africa
Serving since 2005

The Wiens serve with Seed of Hope, in Bhekulwandle, a Zulu township near Durban, on the east coast of South Africa.
Zantingh, Joel Interim Director of EMCC World Partners

Joel provides oversight to the amazing work of our World Partners team, our Relief and Development efforts, and our international partnerships.